Lunigiana: land of the one hundred castles

Lunigiana stretches over an area in northern Tuscany. It was once the domain of the Romans from the city of Luni. Later it became one of the oldest dioceses in Christianity.

Lunigiana: land of the one hundred castles - Lunigiana, Italy |
The history of the land cover thousands of years and the numerous castles that dot the territory bear witness to this. It is a land to discover… together. You can choose also to combine the visit to one castle plus the visit to some village to the Cinque Terre.

Highlights: Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo, Castello dell’Aquila a Gragnola, little towns

Characteristics of the tour: discover the imposing thousand year old castles. Each holds an enchanting and mysterious past, but not only: there is a magnificent view from the hills of both the Apuan mountains and the sea!

Time required: roughly 9 hours

Suggested for: an original tour that takes you back to the origins of the land and its inhabitants. The castles call to mind stories of knights and princes, battles and feasts… Art and history are combined in this delightful land.

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